RNE26: Tales from the Nuclear Island (countries)- Alyse Huffman & Harsh Desai guest!

Thank you for joining us on Episode 26 of RadioNuclear! In 26, we discuss news items from two literal “Nuclear Islands”. How can nuclear help out island nations that are energy constrained? Are there examples of this? Tune in to find out! We also discuss Westinghouse’s purchase of Rolls Royce’s North American nuclear business, and discuss how this could benefit utilities looking to reduce operations and maintenance costs.

Today’s guests are Alyse Huffman and Harsh Desai. Alyse is the current ANS Congressional Fellow, and Harsh (our first return guest!) currently works as senior manager for the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). They come on to talk about ANS’s Young Members Group and how young members can get the most out of ANS annual meetings. They also discuss the upcoming Young Professionals Congress (YPC19) to be held in Washington, D.C. on the Saturday before the ANS Winter Meeting begins. They discuss what the YPC19 event will entail. Both Alyse and Harsh, along with the hard work of ANS members Catherine Prat and Matthew Jasica, sound like they have put together a fantastic program!

Enjoy this episode and don’t forget to sign up for the ANS Winter Meeting and YPC19.

Music Credit: Pogo
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1.) Happee
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