RNE21: Special Episode w/guests Donald Hoffman & Greg Gibson

Episode 21 of RadioNuclear deviates from the norm as it is news-free. This special podcast features ANS Past President and Fellow, United Nuclear Industry Alliance (UNI) Chairman of the Board, and President & CEO of EXCEL Services Corporation Donald Hoffman, along with UNI Executive Director, former President & CEO of Unistar Nuclear Energy, and the chair of this special session Greg Gibson. Listen as they discuss a new and ongoing interactive series of Supply Chain Special Sessions focusing on the next generation of supply chain innovation–a new business road map for the supply chain, domestic and international. This inaugural event will take place at the upcoming ANS Annual Meeting in Minneapolis on Tuesday, June 11.

This joint ANS-United Nuclear Industry Alliance session will discuss the need for U.S. suppliers to be more competitive, and outright successful, as the nuclear industry transitions into the next decade of new nuclear projects.

Session Moderator: Don Eggett, UNI Director of Supply Chain and Former Key Account Executive AMEC Foster Wheeler

Panelists: Don Dracon (AECOM), Graham Cable (Westinghouse), Donald Hoffman (UNI and EXCEL), and Art Wharton (Studsvik)

The schedule will be as follows:

  • Part I – Panel Discussion, 1:30-3:40 pm
  • Part II – Workshop,  3:55-5:30 pm

Also in this episode, I told you about ANS member Cathy Riddle and her voyage into the Land of LEGOS. Cathy needs 10,000 votes to make Atomic Town Power a reality. So, let’s help her and help the kids of the future so that they can have fun with LEGOS playing with Atomic Town Power. How can you help besides voting online? Share this voting link on your social media platforms: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/af5510c6-8111-4fe0-8ab8-da7d36e5dcb5/comments_tab#content_nav_tabs

Let’s show how strong the nuclear community is! 

See you at Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. There will be so much to learn. It is a very educational experience as well is an opportunity to network. You just never know who you are going to meet at the ANS Meetings. For a list of all ANS Meetings visit online.

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