RNE15: The Importance of LWRs- Bob Carritte Guests!

Welcome back for another great episode of RadioNuclear! Today, I am happy to announce that RadioNuclear is now brought to you by the American Nuclear Society, in the hopes to bring you even more of the podcast you know and love! In this episode, we cover a range of news topics, including how anti-nuclear policy and perception are hurting the nuclear industry in the U.S. and South Korea. We also cover INL’s 70th year of operation, and talk about a great advocacy toolkit from the Department of Energy, the Ultimate Fast Facts Guide to Nuclear Energy.

Today’s guest is Bob Carritte, a principal officer at MPR Associates Inc. Mr. Carritte joined MPR in 1986 after completing his BSEE and BET degrees, with honors, from Northeastern University, and his ME degree in Electric Power Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  With 30 years of engineering experience, he has worked a wide variety of challenging engineering projects involving system design and system analysis. He has participated in numerous design, procurement, and construction projects involving various systems and components, including entire power plants.

Music Credit: Pogo Tracks Used (in order of appearance)
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3) Soul Shine- Pogo

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