RNE11: NRC Special! Dr. Steven Arndt and Dr. Chuck Casto Guest!

While I was hoping this could simply be an episode featuring our two guests from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), I wanted to discuss some recent nuclear fearmongering and intellectual inconsistency of many environmentalists.  While this is something we have known for a long time, recent developments with a Russian floating nuclear power plant and HR 3053 has forced some of the least informed out of the woodwork once again. Dr. Steve Arndt is a senior technical officer in the office of nuclear reactor regulation and shares his insights on the work the NRC does, and what the future of regulation may look like. Dr. Chuck Casto was the leader of a joint-governmental panel sent to Fukushima in the immediate aftermath of the nuclear accident there. He stops by to share what it was like on the ground in the wake of the accident and shares some of the inside stories of how the accident was handled.

Links to inside stories:

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