RNE10: Is Nuclear Doomed? Georg Steinhauser Guests!

RNE10: Is Nuclear Doomed? Georg Steinhauser Guests!

In this episode, we discuss the future of nuclear advocacy. How does the news out of Ohio change the strategy of advocacy? We try to elaborate on this and much more in the 10th episode of radio nuclear. We also talk about Tom Steyer’s new ballot measure in Arizona, and why Utility companies may be seeking an exit from mercantile generation. Despite all of this news though, new nuclear construction remains at a 25 year high. Our special guest this week is Professor Dr. Georg Steinhauser from Leibniz university of Hannover, where he discusses his work in radioecology, and the importance of taking a creative flair when advocating for nuclear science and technology in the face of public opposition to scientific fact.

Nuclear Power at 25 Year Construction High

Nuclear Doomed in Ohio?

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