RNE04: Sec. Perry’s Lifeline for Nuclear? Graftel LLC Guests!

In this episode, we talk about how Germany is failing to meet its lofty emission reduction goals, the DOE’s new order to value base load energy, and the “mysterious” radioactive particles being detected in Europe. For a guest this week, we are joined by a nuclear futurist and analyst for Graftel, LLC! We talk with...

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RNE03: VC. Summer issues and Next Gen Nuclear: Mothers for Nuclear Guest

In this episode, which feels like Deja Vu all over again, we revisit some developments with the failed VC.Summer plant, DOE’s grid study on nuclear capacity, and look into where next generation companies are building their prototypes. Mothers for nuclear guest! Mothers for nuclear Westinghouse story Nuclear capacity story NEXT GEN in China story Music...

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RNE02: Lightbridge, Hurricanes and Nuclear. Canon Bryan Guests.

In this episode, we explore some quick news stories, including the deal struck up between Light bridge and Areva. We also discuss the fear mongering of nuclear plants in the path of hurricanes. Canon Bryan, the CFO of Terrestrial Energy Ltd. guests. Lightbridge Florida’s Nuclear Plants Power Through Hurricane Irma Young Members Group Music Credit:...

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RNE01: SCANA, DOE grid study, and John Oliver. Meredith Angwin Guests.

The Inaugural episode of RadioNuclear. We talk about more details that have emerged about SCANA, the DOE grid study, and John Oliver’s most recent hit piece on nuclear. Author of campaigning for clean air Meredith Angwin guests. Katie Mummah’s rebuttal to John Dr. Conca’s Article in forbes Conservative commentator Steven Crowder’s video rebuttal Music Credit:...

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