RNE014: Are the Tides Turning for Advanced US Nuclear? Wesley Deason Guests!

Welcome to the New Year! This episode of RadioNuclear, we take a look at a lot of the exciting legislative and policy for advanced nuclear. This includes the recent passages of the NEIMA and NEICA bills, and what the Idaho National Laboratory may look like in the coming years. We also discuss the NRC’s recent decision on post Fukashima regulation. Lastly, we look on how you can adopt a dog from the Chernobyl exclusion zone. No, I am not making that up! Our interview this week is with Mr. Wesley Deason, who is a Nuclear Systems Engineer at Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation. He tells us a little bit more about nuclear in space applications, and about an upcoming topical conference, the Nuclear and Emerging Technology for Space (NETS) conference at Discovery Hall in Richland, WA.

Conference Info

From the NETS Website:

“NETS is the premier annual gathering of individuals from NASA, national laboratories, industry, and academia for discussions on space nuclear power and propulsion as well as new and emerging technologies to further space exploration capabilities. NETS is a topical meeting of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and is hosted by the Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology Division and the ANS Eastern Washington Section. The 2019 meeting will be held at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the heart of the Columbia Valley wine region.”

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News Items in this Episode

1.       INL could soon host major reactor center (PostRegister)

2.        President Signs Pro-Nuclear Legislation (Forbes)

3.       NRC's new Fukushima-driven safety rules not designed for the 'real world,' critics say (UtilityDive)

4.       NRC Letter on this decision (NRC)

5.       NRC Short and Long Term Response to Fukashima (NRC)

6.       Puppies From Radioactive Chernobyl Are Starting New Lives In North America (Buzzfeed.News)

7.       Dogs Of Chernobyl (CFF)


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1.       Kaleidogorgon

2.       Do You (Starfire Mix)

3.       Soul Shine

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