RNE012: Navigating Nuclear with Dr. Eric Loewen and Bob Fine

Despite all of the rumors, I am not, in fact, dead. Just working full time. But this week I am happy to bring you another episode of RadioNuclear. This week we discuss how fear-mongering stories about nuclear power plants in the path of a hurricane are irrelevant, the Oyster Creek Shutdown, how nuclear power should be used geopolitically, and lastly we have an interesting interview with ANS past president Dr. Eric Loewen and ANS Executive Director Bob Fine regarding the Society’s new K-12 education program Navigating Nuclear. For questions, comments, or concerns regarding Navigating Nuclear, please email Bob Fine.

The stories this week:

Brunswick Restart post Hurricane Florence



Oyster Creek Closure



Using Nuclear Power Geopolitically:



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Tracks Used (In Order of Appearance)

1.) Wings for Dreamers

2.) Give to You

3.) Soul Shine

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Doug Hardtmayer