Month: August 2019

RNE24: Batteries will fix all our problems, right?? Craig Piercy guests!

Thank you for joining us on Episode 24 of RadioNuclear! In this episode, we briefly discuss the passage of H.B. 6 in Ohio, effectively saving the two nuclear plants in Ohio for the time being. This week we also talk about a recent article detailing the true cost of using battery storage for energy. How much could using them for 100% renewable energy cost? Tune in to find out!

This episode’s guest is Craig Piercy, who serves as the Washington representative for the American Nuclear Society. In this role, Piercy helps devise and execute ANS’s federal outreach activities to Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch. Craig has over 20 years of experience in public policy, within government and as an advocate representing corporations, universities, and trade associations.

Music credit: Pogo
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1.) MagiK Carpet
2.) Absoblume
3.) Soul Shine
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