Month: April 2019

RNE19: Is Nuclear Built for Climate Change? Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar Guests!

Thank you for joining us for Episode 19 of RadioNuclear! In this episode, we discuss the success the Chinese have had with the Hualong One reactor, the decommissioning of SEFOR, and the sale of Indian Point units to Holtec and what it means for the industry. We also talk about a recent Bloomberg article casting nuclear as being susceptible to climate change.

Today’s guest is Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar, a professor at Idaho State University. Her research focuses on the nuclear fuel cycle, including pyroprocessing, qualification, and fuel cycle modeling. She is also involved with waste minimization efforts for graphite moderated next generation reactors. She also teaches introductory nuclear engineering and radioactive waste management courses at Idaho State University.

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RNE18: A Lifeline for Ohio’s Nuclear Power Plants? Alexandria Siwy, Dr. Kenneth Allen, and Dr. Shikha Prasad Guest!

Thank you for joining us on Episode 18 of RadioNuclear! This episode, we talk about new legislation in Ohio that may help save their ailing nuclear power plants, discuss the new bi-partisan federal legislation aimed at helping America regain its leadership with advanced nuclear, and some interesting new nuclear power plant construction around the world.

Today, we talk to members of the American Nuclear Society’s professional engineering committee, to discuss the merits of obtaining your PE. From this episode, they would like to share the following links:

1. Get more information about the PE exam.
2.  Find your state board – each state board has its own licensure application forms and deadlines.
3.  The nuclear PE exam is computer-based and administered one day per year (in 2019, October 15) at NCEES-approved Pearson VUE test centers.
4.  The NCEES PE Nuclear Reference Handbook is the only reference material that can be used during the exam and is provided electronically. You can download a free electronic copy by registering for or logging into your MyNCEES account.
5.  For more information on the format of the exam and the topics covered, download the current exam specifications for the nuclear PE exam (PDF).
6.  The American Nuclear Society offers a Study Guide for the Professional Engineering Examination In Nuclear Engineering to help you prepare for the exam and content.
7.  Special accommodations are available for examinees who meet certain eligibility criteria and sufficiently document their request.
8.  Learn more at the NCEES YouTube channel.


RNE19: RadioNuclear Episode 19: Is Nuclear Built for Climate Change? Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar Guests!


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