Month: December 2017

RNE07: Year End Special! Harsh Desai and Bob Coward Guest!

RNE07: End of Year Special! Harsh Desai and Bob Coward Guest!


After kicking off in September, and the tremendous support I have received from all of you, here is RadioNuclear’s end of year special! This episode, we talk about some nutty Greenpeace activists in France, how living in London is just as dangerous as living near Chernobyl, and CPUC’s upcoming ruling on Diablo Canyon. We also tackle a passive aggressive anti-nuclear video from a well-known YouTuber. We are also luck enough to have not one, but TWO guests. First up, we have Mr. Harsh Desai from the Nuclear Energy Institute and prior ANS Congressional Fellow, and Robert Coward, the current sitting president of ANS, and Principal Officer of MPR Associates in Alexandria Virginia. I hope you enjoy this very special episode, and I hope you join us again in the New Year!

The Nuclear Waste Problem” 

Music Credit: Pogo
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1.) Wings for Dreamers
2.) Give to You
3.) Soul Shine
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