RadioNuclear, est. 2017, aims to cover all pertinent topics related to the nuclear industry. Bi-Weekly episodes, available in the "episodes" tab, will consist of recent news, and a special guest. Hosted by Doug Hardtmayer, a current graduate student and member of the American Nuclear Society, this show aims to be entertaining and palatable for industry specialists and outsiders alike.

We are always looking for interesting guests, for insight on complex topics, or for dialogue on important nuclear issues. If you or someone you know would be a good fit as a guest, feel free to reach out to us under the "contact" tab!

Why is Nuclear Important?

Doug Hardtmayer is a Nuclear Engineer who noticed that often times, essential technologies are often discarded before they are fully utilized, and believes that nuclear technology is one of them. He believes that this is likely due to a persistent PR problem those who advocate for nuclear technology have, and that nuclear energy by and large is widely misunderstood, which is something he talks about often in his podcast, RadioNuclear.

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